Wild Fast-food Secret Menu Items

Peanuts are the most common food that children are allergic to, followed by milk and shellfish, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology . Many food allergies are mild and something children grow out of. But severe cases may cause anaphylactic shock or even death from eating, say, a peanut. Epinephrine is effective in stopping the swelling in the throat or tongue that can be deadly. The guidelines released Wednesday were required by a 2011 federal law. Peanuts, tree nuts, milk and shellfish are among the food that most often most trigger reactions. But experts say more than 170 foods are known to cause reactions. The new advice call for schools to do such things as: Identify children with food allergies. Have a plan to prevent exposures and manage any reactions. Train teachers or others how to use medicines like epinephrine injectors, or have medical staff to do the job. Plan parties or field trips free of foods that might cause a reaction; and designate someone to carry epinephrine. Make sure classroom activities are inclusive. For example, don’t use Peanut M&M’s in a counting lesson, said John Lehr, chief executive of an advocacy group that worked on the guidelines, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). Carolyn Duff, president of the National Association of School Nurses, which worked on the guidelines, said many schools may not have policies on food allergies.

This is just a fact of life. Not only do we know that theyll make a quesadilla another off-menu item and then load it up with burrito fillings and roll it up like a burrito, the fact that we have the cajones to stroll up and actually order the thing puts us in a league above your usual fast-food customer, who meekly orders by meal number. But we order off a secret menu. We dont need your stinkin meal numbers. We operate independently. The one problem with secret menus is the fact that theyre usually duh a secret. Unless you go the Panera route and send out a press release touting your secret menu items (complete with calorie counts), most people will be left to their own devices when it comes to figuring out the hidden menu items. Oftentimes its just a matter of ordering something and seeing if you can get away with it, like extra bacon or cheese (or mashed potatoes and gravy on your KFC sandwich), but sometimes there are legitimate off-menu items, with nicknames and everything, that you can order (with a knowing wink, if you prefer), and the cashier will know exactly what youre talking about. Now, were not claiming that every single outpost of these chains will be able to prepare all of these off-menu items for you, especially during the lunch rush, but if you catch them at the right moment, you really never know just how accommodating these chains can be. So there’s no harm in trying. Take a look at these 7 menu hacks and secret items at popular fast-food joints, and the next time you find yourself inside a McDonalds, maybe youll be tempted to live dangerously and forego the #3 meal for a McGangBang. 1Wendys: Barnyard Burger guelphmercury.com Wendys actually has a fairly comprehensive secret menu, complete with named items like the Grand Slam, which is four patties in one burger (also affectionately called the “Meat Cube”). Our favorite? The Barnyard: a burger patty, a spicy chicken fillet, ham, and bacon, with a slice of cheese in between each. Carnivorous perfection. 2In-N-Out: Animal-style fries Flickr/a-l-z In-N-Out advertises its own “Not-So-Secret Menu,” which is home to what is arguably its most legendary creation: the Animal-Style burger. A patty cooked with mustard is topped with lettuce, tomato, special sauce, pickles, and grilled onions, and its delicious. But what about Animal-Style fries?


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